Calculus: Formula for inspiration

I started Calculus I this fall.  We’re six weeks into the semester, and I just passed my first test (a surprise, considering I could only remember one formula so I used it on every single problem).  I haven’t posted since the end of last semester because, honestly, I just wasn’t sure until today that I was going to keep going with this math shenanigan.  This is a huge expenditure of time and, despite my enthusiasm, it still does not come naturally.  And there are so many things going on.

But this morning a girlfriend told me today that I had inspired a mutual friend to take a class next semester.  This made me happy to hear.  I was flattered.  My ego got a little bigger.  My guess is, though, that this mutual friend would probably have taken the class anyway, because he’s that kind of person.

Then this afternoon, I ran into a math classmate on campus and we had a brief exchange about the class–she is struggling, too, but has to complete this class in order to get into grad school.  And she inspired me, even though I’m (obviously) already taking the class.  Inspiration is a funny thing.