Abbreviated version, updated June 2020. Complete CV provided upon request


Ph.D. Communications, Magna Cum Laude, European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

M.A. Communications, with Distinction, European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

M.A. English, Rhetoric and Composition Concentration, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas.

B.A. English and Spanish, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas.


Associate Professor, Department of English, 7/2016 – present, SVSU, Saginaw, MI

Assistant Professor, Department of English, 8/2011 – 6/2016, SVSU, Saginaw, MI

English Instructor, 08/2006 – 5/2011, San Jacinto College, Houston, TX

Teaching Assistant, 09/2002 – 05/2005, European Graduate School, Saas-Fe, Switzerland


Spine: Libraries Amid Protest. Studies in Print Culture and History of the Book Series. University of Massachusetts Press, 2020.

“Maidan Library: The Emergence of a Protest Library within Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity.” Pacific Coast Philology, vol. 52 no. 2, 2017, pp. 314-323. Project MUSE,

“In Carnegie’s Shadow: The Biblioteca Popular as Biopolitical Exception.” Tales and Images of Spatial Justice: New Urban Languages Conference Proceedings, Netherlands, 24 – 26 June 2015. Edited by. Roberto Rocco and Daniele Villa, TU Delft / SPS / Urbanism, 2016, pp. 126-34.

“OWS People’s Library and Jorge Luis Borges: Radical Politics, Heterotopic Spaces, and the Practice of Hope.”  CTheory: an international peer-reviewed journal of theory, technology and culture, October 7, 2014:

with Geof Carter, Sarah Arroyo, and Robert Leston. “Idiocy of Videocy.” Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture, September 2013:

“Checked Bags: A Litany of Potentially Explosive Things.” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory,vol. 22, 2013, pp. 10-15.


Faculty Research Grant, SVSU, “Trash Libraries and Public Literacy,” 2020.

Dow Visiting Scholars and Artists Program, to bring “Napalm Girl” Phan Thị Kim Phúc to SVSU, 2020.

Department Innovation Award, with Emily Beard-Bohn and Conor Shaw-Draves, “First Year Writing ‘Writing About Writing’ Pilot,” 2019.

Faculty-led Research Grant, with Beth Alford, “Military Student Affairs Living Library ‘Special Collection,’” 2019.

Excellence in Online Teaching Award Recipient, SVSU, 2017.

Professional Growth Grant, SVSU, “NCFDD Faculty Success Program,” 2017.

Foundation Resource Grant, SVSU, “SVSU Human Library,” 2016.

Faculty Research Grant, SVSU, “Maidan Protest Library,” 2016.

Faculty Research Grant, SVSU, “Reading Libraries of Resistance: The Heterotopic Spaces of BiblioSol and Tres Peces Tres,” 2015.

Special Collections/Facilities Research Grant, SVSU, “Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez,” 2014.

Foundation Resource Grant, SVSU, “SVSU Grammar Club,” 2013.

Distinguished Faculty, San Jacinto College, 2010.

Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient, National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, 2008.

Innovative Teaching Grant, San Jacinto College, 2007.


“Library as Democratic Institution.” Roethke House Museum, Saginaw, MI. Forthcoming, September 2020.

“Outsider Libraries: More Trouble Than They Are Worth?” The Living Library: Beyond Stereotypes. May 14, 2018, California State Polytechnic University. Plenary speaker.

“Power and the Panopticon: Problems in Architecture and Design.”  Rice University, Houston, TX. April 10, 2006.

“Usability Studies for Technical Communication.”North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.  April, 2003.


with Anthony Antonucci, Dan Gates, Hilary Haakenson, and Elizabeth Rich. “MLA Human Library 2020.” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Seattle, WA, January 11, 2020.

“Spine: The Place of Books in International Social Movements.” International Society for Landscape, Place, and Material Culture, Detroit, MI, October 11, 2019.

with Emily Beard-Bohn. “Writing About Writing in Composition I: Pilot Study Results.” Council of Writing Program Administrators, Baltimore, MD, July 26, 2019.

“Autoethnography in the Online Writing Classroom.” Computers and Writing, Lansing, MI, June 22, 2019.

“The Heaviness of Libraries.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, PA. March, 2019.

with Emily Beard-Bohn, Brad Herzog, and Conor Shaw-Draves. “Piloting ‘Teaching for Transfer’ Pedagogy in Composition Courses.” Corridors: The Great Lakes Writing and Rhetoric Conference, Saginaw, MI, September, 2019.

“Referencing One Another: Documenting Protest Library Book Collections.” Poster. Archival Education and Research Institute, Toronto, ON, July, 2017.

“The Library of the Revolution of Dignity.”  Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, Pasadena, CA, November, 2016.

“Remaindering the Difference: The Physical Book Collections of Radical Protest Libraries.” The Promise of Paradise: Reading, Researching, and Using the Private Library, Concordia University, Montreal Canada, June, 2016.

“(Re(re(re)))mixing Rhetoric: Rethinking and Resituating Rhetorical Relationships Between Writer, Audience, and Archive.” With Emily Beard-Bohn, Jason Kahler, and Conor Shaw-Draves. 17th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference: Rhetoric & Change, Atlanta, GA, May, 2016.

Panel Organizer. “Off the Books, Off the property: The Liminal Spaces of Protest Libraries.” Off the Books: Making, Breaking, Binding, Burning, Leaving, Gathering: 4th Biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group, University of Toronto, Canada, October, 2015.

“In Carnegie’s Shadow: The Biblioteca Popular as Biopolitical Exception.” 3rd International Conference New Urban Languages, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, June, 2015. 

“Reading the Library of Resistance:  Seeking Persistent Variables in Impermanent Spaces.” Cultural Rhetorics Conference, Lansing, MI, October, 2014.

“Public Libraries and Code Libraries:  Bridging front-end interfaces with back-end programming concepts to help college composition students.” Writing Across the Peninsula, Marquette, MI, October, 2014.

“The Border Between Low-Tech and No-Tech:  Teaching Complex Digital Systems With Luddite Strategies.” 16th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference: Border Rhetorics, San Antonio, TX, May, 2014.

“Participatory Video Inside and Out: Popular, Political, and Programmatic Performance(s).”  With Kim Lacey and Geof Carter.  University of Kentucky Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Program, Lexington, KY, February, 2013. 

“My Name is YouTube and I Expose Your Secrets: ConstrucTEXTING the Underbelly of Video Cultures.”  With Geof Carter, Sarah Arroyo, and Robert Leston.  Computers and Writing, Raleigh, NC, May, 2012.

“Prezi vs, PowerPoint: How Digital Applications Facilitate Different Heterotopic Opportunities for Composition Students.” Southwest Texas Pop Culture Association, Albuquerque, NM, February, 2012.

“Composition I by the numbers: Comparing success rates between face-to-face and online community college students.”  WIDE-EMU ’11.  Michigan State University Writing and Digital Environments Research Center and Eastern Michigan University Written Communication Program, Ypsilanti, MI, October, 2011.

“The Hardcore Grammar Club: How Vampires and Potlucks Created an Affective Learning Community.”  Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Traverse City, MI, September, 2011.


Roethke House Museum Board of Trustees, Winter 2020 – present.

Faculty Coach, National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, Summer 2019 – present.

CCCC Writing About Writing Standing Group Steering Committee, Winter 2019 – present.


Faculty Association Contract Planning and Review Task Force and Crisis Committee, Fall 2019 – present.

Institutional Review Board, Fall 2019 – present.

Co-Coordinator, Human Library Planning Committee, Fall 2016 – present.

Faculty Diversity Working Group, Fall 2018.

Writing Program Administrator, Fall 2016 – Winter 2018

Faculty Association Executive Board, Winter 2014 – Winter 2017


First Year Writing Committee, Fall 2011 – present

English Department General Education Committee, Winter 2011 – present

Coordinator, First Year Writing Program, Fall 2012 – Winter 2016